Monday, September 26, 2011

Episode 2.13 "A Date with GamerNation"

Big News GamerNation!

We've got a release date, if you didn't already know. That's right, the goodest of good news has arrived at last. And, we've had a very experimental show

We've kicked the tires and revved the engine of our brand new shiny Ventrillo server and what a ride it was.  Along for it were several handsome, intelligent, wise and witty members of GamerNation.  RP Cantina returns for another installment, we've got more mail and your questions get a real, proper answering.  Tune in and enjoy Holocron 2.0, Episode 2.13 "A Date with GamerNation".

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Episode 2.12 "A Solo Job"

Hallooooo GamerNation!

First, an abject apology for the sound issues in this episode.  All will be explained within!  In spite of that, please enjoy all our talk about the Smuggler in this episode.  BioWare put out a progression video and we spend some time talking about it.

While we're at it we also discuss Star Wars: The Old Republic beta testing news, some listener reviews and you can also hear a couple of REALLY enthusiastic kids.  Oh Boy!  It's all inside this episode of the Holocron 2.0, Episode 2.12 "A Solo Job".