Thursday, June 9, 2011

Episode 2.5 "E3 Strikes Back"

Hail Gamernation!

E3 is upon us yet again and Fiddleback and DarthGM are here to help guide you through it and savor all the goodness that is Star Wars: The Old Republic.

In this episode we are talking all about the videos that have come out up to this point.  From the epic Operations: Eternity Vault to the even more epic "Return" opening cinematic, we guide you through the hours of video awesomesauce in the first part of our E3 coverage.  Also, the first of our on going series of PvP segments with PvP Lead JEdi Sentinel.   Kick back, relax and keep one hand on your blaster as as you listen to Holocron 2.0, Episode 2.5 "E3 Strikes Back"

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